Local Currency Savings Deposits

If you have extra money, or for any other reason you would like to enlarge and enrich your funds, we offer you the opportunity to open savings accounts designed for your savings funds.



  • Opening of savings account is free of charge
  • Funds can be deposited afterwards, when you have extra money.

Savings accounts can opened by all the adults in accordance with their capabilities and needs, as well as in behalf of minors as legal representatives of a parent or guardian.

To open a savings account you only need to fill out the application form and provide valid identification document - identity card or passport.

Dinar or foreign currency funds can be deposited as a sight savings or term savings deposits and the interest rate depends on term and currency.

Sights Savings

Interest rate for sight savings deposits is 2,5% per annum.

The interest rate is fixed.

The effective interest rate is equal to the nominal interst rate. The Bank shall calculate and acrue the interest in RSD at the end of calendar year, using the compound method of interest calculation.

The Bank participates in the system of obligatory deposit insurance established in the Republic of Serbia.


Fixed Term Savings Deposits

Fixed interest rate for term savings deposits (per annum)

Term Interest rate
1 month 6,80%
3 months 7,50%
6 months 8,00%
12, 24, 36 months 8,50%

Rental Savings with monthly interest payments in RSD


Interest rate

3 months


6 months


12, 24, 36 months





Term and interest rate for special purpose term deposits will be arranged in accordance with a Contract.

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