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About Us

Let us introduce ourselves. Direkna banka ensues a long year tradition of banking in Kragujevac, which started as far back as XIX century. Over time, it developed by continuously expanding its network and diversifying its services. Today the network covers entire Serbia, boasting 36 branch offices and over 400 employees. The scope of services continues to expand and develop, mirroring the business requirements of both our corporate and individual clients.

We readily await and take on any novelties and challenges imposed by the modern age, in order to fulfill our main goal - a satisfied client. In cooperating with our business clients, we emphasize our intent to serve both as partner and support, through various specialized banking products.

The Strategy

Our longterm strategy is maintaining a continuous growth and running a profitable business, through the high diversification of our portfolio with a focus on small and medium sized businesses, as well as retail banking. Retaining existing clients while attracting new ones, monitoring cost-effectiveness and investing in corporate culture, offering support to employees in creating and building the bank’s growth and development potential - are the core and basis for future client acquisition and forging longterm cooperation.

The Mission

Our mission is to establish ourselves as a universal-type bank, equally devoted to both commercial and individual clients. 


The solutions Direktna Banka offers to its clients through its products are creative, innovative and user-friendly. We aim to capacitate our selves to be able to answer promptly to our clients requests, because their satisfaction is the one true measure of our success. We are inclined to hire people with self-initiative, who are forthcoming, cooperative on all levels and responsible towards our clients, because that is the only way to achieve our vision: Direktna Banka. Directly with you.


Direktna banka is a joint-stock company, registered in Central Securities Depository and Clearing House.

Andrej Jovanović and Bojan Miovanović are majority shareholders, each bearing 49,9% of total emission.

They started their joint career by founding Marbo Product company. Their professional and skilful management made Marbo an undisputed regional leader in the snacks industry, in Southeastern Europe. 

Marbo took the leading position by producing and developing brands Chipsy, Clipsy, Pardon, Max, Minut, Gud. These were soon recognised by multinational corporation PepsiCo, which acquired Marbo in 2008.

Before selling Marbo, in 2006 they also started a company whose portfolio included the farm Maglić, the factory Ikarus and an elevator company David Pajić Daka.

In 2012, they took part in founding the Private health sector Medigroup, where Milovanović is a member of the supervisory board, and in 2014, they ventured into property development they named A block, at the time the biggest business-and-residential project in Belgrade.

In cooperation with the investment fund Mid Europa Partners, they acquired Imlek, Bambi and Knjaz Miloš. Jovanović assumed the leadership of the group via the novel company Moji Brendovi, where he is general manager.

In early 2016, they became owners of KBM bank from Kragujevac, and in 2017 they took over Findomestic bank from BNP Paribas bank group, subsequently merging them into Direktna banka ad Kragujevac.

Board of directors

  • Zlatko
    President of the Board
  • Ljubinka
    Member of the Board
  • Petar
    Member of the Board
  • Aleksandar
    Independent member of the Board
  • Andreja
    Independent member of the Board